Currency is the currency of the realm, so they say.

Here is a break down of the money denominations. While listed prices in pathfinder will give you an idea of the costs, this currency chart will show you how things break down. Once we start playing, these will be what we use.

Currency Value Common Usage
Aureus 1 GL, or 5 Denari Mostly used for very large exchanges, such as between nations or Patricians
Denarius 2 SP, or 4 Sesterti Actively used for larger purchases.
Sestertius 1/2 SP, or 5 As Actively traded for everything.
As 1/10 SP Used for all small purchases and change.

On average, 50 pieces are to one pound of weight.

A Maran talent of precious metal is 100lbs. So a talent of gold would be 5,000 gold pieces worth of gold.


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