Collegiate of the Magi

Arcane magic is rare. It takes a very special or intelligent person to make much sense out of runes and the magic craft. There are perhaps only one such person for every 10,000. Even rarer are the kind of people who can spontaneously draw magic power on their own will and energy. It is because of this reality that people have always been afraid of the magician; never understanding just how much power they had.

Therefore order was brought about in Mara by building a fraternal order of users. This was seen as the best option to reign in the rogue spell caster, by having their kind police themselves. The Collegiate of the Magi was, therefore, one of the oldest institutions in Mara. With the original building built by the kings of old, around 1650, the Magi have always had a hand in the direction of this great state.

If you are an arcane spell caster, then the only proper thing to do is to be accepted by the Magi. If you are not part of their order, you are not not supposed to practice any type of active magic in Mara. While there may be those who avoid joining the Magi, they seldom last long in a world of superstitious plebs on the look out for trouble makers.

If you are in the Magi, however, there can be many opportunities. Considered an apolitical institution, since members are excluded from most posts except for religious appointments, they have are considered a reliable institution to keep close to any governing power. Operating like a university system, they have post of learning and knowledge throughout the provinces, and Those accepted into the order live a life pursuing knowledge.

Ranks from lowest to highest: Adept, Magi, Master Magi, Provincial Master, Grand Magi.

While most issues in the Magi are discussed in an egalitarian fashion, they still have a structured order with laws and directives from the top.

Collegiate of the Magi

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