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De re publica

By: Marcus Tillius Paetus

Salve Citizen,

It should be met with tremendous pride that you receive a copy of this text. The Republic, as it is called, is a collection of works years in the making. Having traveled across our great Republic since my youth, I have had the great fortune of access to many of the world’s deposits of knowledge. Tutored in the halls of the Library of Magi in Iskandrous, I have been able to recount and retain much of lost history and heritage. Our republic was not forged overnight, and this knowledge is imperative in understanding how our society functions. This being my first works created on a subject of practical matter, rather than philosophy, you will be reminded on all the things you should have known about life in Mara. Whether you’ve been on too long of a retreat in your northern villas, or have been on campaign in defense of our people these last years, you can expect to be an upstanding patrician once again with my help.

I’ve divided my works into different sections, or chapters. If you need quick information on a subject matter, reference the chapter desired. Each section should go well with 2 glasses of wine, if watered.

Chapter Subject
I History
II Religion
III Mara
IV Politics
V Law
VI Military
VII Foreigners
VIII Society and Culture
IX Geography
X Magic
Rules Game Rules and Modifications

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