Res publica Lex

Savages, despite the title, do know many things about life. They can hunt, work, sweat and die. Some know about the Gods. They do not, however, know about the law. This is what makes a man civilized. The civilized human will always triumph over beast because our society is a society built on ideas, and rooted in law. Therefore I bring to you a paraphrased breakdown of our legal system. Most of it pertains to the Republic at large, although many laws were created with the city of Mara in mind as the entire concept of the state (since so many years we lived and died in this one city alone).

Senate Directives

The Senate Directives are a series of major amendments to the initial code of laws (constitution) laid down by the Republic at its foundation. They are marked differently than small law due to the importance of their meanings. These are important laws to know.

Senate Directive Number Subject Notes
SD 524 Loba Casting What you cannot do with Loba Magic


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