Game Rules and Modifications

This section contains important additions to the Pathfinder system in the world of Mara.


Here are some new feats particular to this game world.

Feat Requirements Effects Notes
Residency None, other than the desire to not be a slave Allows character to have resident or freedman status in Mara, pending character story. This status affords the character certain legal rights, which can be viewed in the law section Over half of the population of the Maran Republic is enslaved.
Citizenship Residency Allows citizenship of Mara, along with its legal protections as the status of a plebian A smaller percentage of the population has this feat, and an even smaller percentage of this is non-human.
Patrician Citizenship; Must be taken at character creation; must be a human Maran character Makes character a member of a patrician class family, making the character part of the nobility that runs the Republic. GM approval required to take. Only 100 families make up the patrician class, so this feat would be rather rare and beholds the character to certain societal standards not otherwise required by lower classes.
Rich Must not be enslaved With this feat you can be treated to have the status of wealthy, as described in the Pathfinder Cost of Living section on page 405. This status is paid for by your family and can be used within reason as decided by the GM. If you select this feat again, then your character will have the status of Extravagant Money is good. GM will still hold discretion over unrestrained use of this feat, however.

Game Rules and Modifications

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