“Gnolls make the worst house slaves. Their kind, along with orcs, are best kept in your fields. Gnomes will maintain your facilities well, but surely are most annoying little pest in conversation. Best keep them away from your guests. Now elves, if you can afford them, are the ideal to retain in public. They are keen and clean. If you maintain them well, they can also be passed down generations of family. A splendid investment for the household…”

A reading from the popular parchment “Maran Housewife”

This table is a breakdown of all the peoples we know about in our world.

Ethnicity Race Classification Place of Origin Quick Notes Race Features in Addition to Starting (PathFinder)
Maran Human Maran Valley Supreme rulers of the civilized world. Feat: Residency, Feat: Citizenship, +1 extra feat
Ceran Human Cera, Province of the Maran Republic Humans of the old Ceran Empire. We speak Ceran today because of them. Feat: Residency, +2 extra feats
Mancian Human Mancia, Province of the Maran Republic People of the twin city, Mancium. Mancians are from the same people as the Marans of old, although many stray with their cultist ways. Feat: Residency, Feat: Deceitful , +1 extra feat
Bartanian Human Bartania, Province of the Maran Republic Humans of the old Bartanian Empire. Once a mighty kingdom located in the heart of the land, they ruled the trade routes of the ancient world. Feat: Residency, Feat: Persuasive, +1 extra feat
Habian, or “Habi” Tengu Habua, Province of the Maran Republic The chosen people of Genoa. These Genoans are a religious tribe of people from which comes the word of Genoa (a heretical sect foolishly followed by at least a third or so of the people in the Republic). +2 extra feats, +2 wis, Cannot take Feat: Citizenship
Dronan, or “Drow Scum” Drow Dronum, Province of the Maran Republic Dronans are a stubborn bunch. They’ve rebelled more times than Mara can remember, and have a fierce reputation. Originally from the east, near Mount Halos (holy top from which our gods watch), their jungle cities were all but erased from time by the wrath of Mara. Their people have been scattered into the four winds of slavery, but still they no doubt hold onto their people’s history. +2 extra feats, Feat: Iron Will, +1 Con, Cannot take feat: Citizenship
Gabdonian, or “Gabo” Gnoll Gabdonium, Province of the Maran Republic Brutal monsters of the jungle, these wretches were the terror stories for Maran children during many centuries. Their land, which was home to wonderful spices, makes for good farm land now, and they make good overseers and protectors of these fields. Gabos also have a reputation as mercs, more so that others, perhaps because of their greedy nature… +2 extra feat, Feat: Intimidating Prowess, Feat: Alertness, Cannot take Feat: Citizenship
Eldar Elf Eldarnum, Province of the Maran Republic From the exotic province of the east, Eldarnum, these people have a rich history and have much to offer to our glory. From their great port of Iskandrous, they ruled the sea trade with the east and west. Their place is considered the cultural hub of the world still to many educated, but they still know their place under our rule (despite some nasty revolts in the past). +3 extra feats, +1 Int, Cannot take Feat: Citizenship
Dargian, or “Dark Dwarves” Duegrar Dargia, Province of the Maran Republic Despite the propaganda you might have heard, these people almost took Mara when the republic was embroiled in a war of survival. Nasty creatures from the far north, they are nevertheless brutal in battle. In Maran lore, the fight against them was considered the hardest in many capacities Feat: Self-Sufficient, Feat: Toughness, +2 extra feats, Cannot take Citizenship feat
Lyrronan, or “South Dwarf” Dwarf Lyrrona, Province of the Maran Republic A hearty and stoic people, these creatures built great fortresses in their lush hills south west of Mara. They are quite productive, although make ill tempered slaves. +2 extra feats, 3 Feats of: Skill Focus, Cannot take Feat: Citizenship
“Malska” Orc Orc Orcania, Province of the Maran Republic Brutal savages, these creatures have little use beyond their incredible strength. These slaves are best used in mines and fields. +2 extra feats, Feat: Endurance, Feat: Great Fortitude, Cannot take Feat: Citizenship
Vaeloran, or “little people” Gnome Vaeloria, Province of the Maran Republic From the great island of Vaeloria, these little creatures have been an inspiration for Maran wise men in the ways of science. With their ideas the foundations of Loba infusion was made a reality. However, they are most annoying. +2 extra feats, +2 Int, Cannot take Feat: Citizenship
Hattusan Human Hattusa, Territory of the Maran Republic Fierce warriors located in the south west fringes of our world, they were bewitched by the powers of the Trog types. They had the largest fleet in the world before the war with Mara. +3 extra feats, +1 Con, Cannot take Feat: Citizenship
Napponian, or “Trog Scum” Troglodyte The Empire of Napponia Terrorist empire of the west, these monsters nevertheless have a fierce legend about them. They are known to be a people whose focus in life is war. While we have only fought them recently, they are not to be trusted. Feat: Athletic, Feat: Combat Reflexes, +2 extra feats, Cannot take Feat: Citizenship
Sylvan Elf The Sylvan Empire The greatest rival to Mara in terms of technology, culture, trade and military, these barbarians live across the sea to the east of our land. They have ties with their cousins the Eldar, with whom they were once united under one great ruler many centuries ago. These Sylvans, however, are more militaristic than their Eldar brethren. Feat: Combat Reflexes, Feat: Defensive Combat Training, +2 extra feats, Cannot take Feat: Citizenship
“Alemak” Orc Orc Alemakia Tribal Confederation Located on the continent to the south, these savages live in a world filled with monsters and mysticism. Little is known about these lands, and not much more known about these people. Trade caravans across the sea maintain peace and profit, but otherwise most residents of the Republic will never see, hear about nor know anything about these creatures.
Korganan, or “lizard” Lizard Folk Korgania, Vassal Kingdom to The Maran Republic A first line of defense in the west, these people have wisely allied themselves to our Senate. They have been at war with Napponia for longer than most can remember, fighting over land that people have never been to, over causes no longer known. They now make useful vassals to our interest and are considered acceptable creatures to socialize with. Feat: Residency, +2 extra feats, +1 Con, Cannot take Feat: Citizenship
Chinganan Lizard Folk Empire of Chingania A mysterious empire located on the same continent with the Alamak orcs, they live in a treacherous and dangerous world. Traders have spoken of magnificant cities, which sit at odds with the murderous jungles they inhabit. People will mostly only know of these creatures from old tall tales about adventurers.


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