Dungeon Crawl
A side story

The tunnel Cevero fell down was a long drop, and the echo of his voice was forever. The tuft of hair atop his head and beard were whipped up, along with his bags and robes as he tossed about in the wind. Eventually the fall began to curve, and he was delivered by a slide into a room – darkness reigned, but the noise of the crash was deafening, like brittle stones being smashed to pieces. Stumbling about at first to gain his balance Cevero was able to use the wall for support, his eyes being useless. Gaining his breathe back he drew Bray, his Luckblade, to cast a spell on it.

“Illumine,” his voice spoke and the blade lit from handle to tip.

Ultor had his own task to accomplish.

The sun was hidden behind a wall of dark clouds, casting a shade across the city of Mara. The toiling masses thriving in the city, always coming and going, living and dying went about their business, oblivious to the blood being spilled deep in its bowels.

Lanx's Journal 1

Four weeks had passed since the events at the temple left the Senator Tiberius in shackles and scheduled for execution. Personally, I couldn’t care less about Maran politics – they bore me endlessly with their quibbles – but I work for Cevero Martamian, who is not only intricately tied to Maran society, but the man most directly responsible for Tiberius’ capture and conviction.

Adventure One
A Cult Torn Asunder

ANNO MARII 5753, 4th day since the Ides of Martius

Summary of the Game: The gabo known as Lanx has a dream about half of a dragon emblem. He dies in the dream and awakes to his life of serving Patrician Martamian, who meets with his friend Macula about a missing senator. They gather up Akarius and Ultor from the town nearby his estate, and they head to Mara to investigate. Senator Albus, it is revealed, is a progressive and plotting to create a riot of orcs from the Temple of Mancius outside the servian wall. The players bag him and bring him in. He his brought on trial for his crimes, and Martamian receives praise for his actions. The senate in effect declares war on Crassus and Falto, the two Consuls of Mara. The players also return after the game and loot the Temple for items, and by request of a Magi named Sarium retrieve a vile of liquid from the temple base. They celebrate. Martamian also finds a book about a quest one wise man made to retrieve an artifact and validate a legend. More on that to come…

Quality of Opposition: Lanx: 2 Trog high warriors in the dream, but otherwise the majority of opposition was thugs and peasants. No encounters with others from the “Warrior Caste”. Their reputation, however, may start to proceed them.

Proper Wind

The Forests of Aman-Ámônoc, Hattusa
Winter, AM5751

Cold was not the word for it. Cold meant biting, stinging, whipping. This was something else, something that came down heavy and dense, like diving deep into a lake and feeling the mounting pressure. The pressure, in this case, was snow; great heavy flakes fell down on the soldiers camped in the forest. It oppressed them. This was not cold – this was Hattusan Winter.

A Betrayal to Remember
Crassus Addresses the Legion

Transcribed by Gaius Forno on the 12th day since the Ides of Martius, Anno Marii 5753.

Words spoken by Consul Crassus, general of our legions and savior of the Republic, in front of the assembled men of the Third legion at camp outside Carchemish.

Soldiers! Men of the bloody Third!

Black days have come upon us. It saddens me to feel the pain of our great Republic. For while we strive to bring peace and order in these frozen wastes, there are those back home who would not only mean you harm, but are willing to strike at the heart of our sacred institutions to ruin all our forefathers have built!

A great an unholy crime was committed last week, and yet only now do we understand. Savage mercenaries brutally assassinated our beloved Consul Decius Falto, who traveled so far to witness our final victory. My friend, Falto, was like a father to me, and these monsters destroyed our bond with his death. My heart ached; my anger worse than that of mighty Kronos!

And yet, were that crime enough to cause us infinite sorrow, this plot has a source. With the luck of Fortuna, our man Sergus Varro put together some loyal Marans to find the culprit. Thanks to his man, Centurion Corvus, and first spear scout Marcellus of the 2nd cohort, their plans have been realized!

For it is none other than the SENATE itself that ordered his death, by the hands of the weasel Libo. He wishes to steal from all men any semblance of dignity, reserving all power for his old friends in the Senate. He declares that you gentlemen are traitors to our Republic!

Soldiers jeer and rile in disgust

They demand that I lay down our weapons, and we return home to be tried as CRIMINALS!!!

Boos and more noise

They wish to fix Libo with a crown, to forever rule over us with his oligarchy of criminals!!! This, my friends, cannot stand!

The general produces a pouch from his pocket and throws it at the scout

Legionary Marcellus, here is 300 pieces of gold for your courageous action. I must go to Mara to deal with these criminals. Will you go with me?!

The Scout: AYE SIR!

Centurion Corvus, will you go with me?

The Centurion seems to pause, perhaps burdened with a great decision, then speaks: I will sir.

With the wisdom of Mataena, will the Third legion follow me to deal with these criminals; to bring justice and restore our Republic to the vision of Marius himself?!

The soldier drown out all the other sounds with cheers and screams confirming their desire. It eventually subsides.

Scout Marcellus, you’ve heard the legion. I believe it is time that you plot our course home. Today we begin our course with destiny…

end transcript


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