Marus Larius Crassus

Consul of Mara and Commander of Maran Forces in Hattusa


Race: Maran (Human)

Age: 53

Position: Consul of Mara

Personality: Very charismatic to both pleb and patrician. His cunning often goes by unnoticed.

Description: Fit as a soldier, with multiple scars (only slight ones on face). Brown Hair, which is only now starting to recede. Blue Eyes.

Politics: Populist Party- Currently the head voice of this movement. Has been vocal about his desire for change.

Cohort: The Army. Sergus Varro is his acting second in command.


Born to the Larii family, Crassus was one of the many members of that family targeted for death during the blood reign. He was able to flee at the age of 10 to the east, where he studied in exile. It is here where he studied about the great kings and rulers of old, impressing upon him a sense of destiny.

He returned after the reign and was in politics by the age of 16. After many years of posts in various positions, including a largely uneventful year as Consul in 5735, he eventually made a political pact with Decius Falto to work together, realizing the power that laid in military command. A large supporter of the Hattusan war declaration, Crassus and Falto secured Co-Consulship for large portions of the war, with both of them retaining the position in the present (as of 5753).

With Falto murdered by the senate, Crassus is now put in a position where he feels obligated to march on the great city itself, to avenge his friend’s death and bring about change to the corrupt system that plagues Mara. It doesn’t matter if the laws must be broken; the system itself is what is broken.

Marus Larius Crassus

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