Marcus Tillius Paetus

Senator and Great Philosopher of Mara


Race: Maran (Human)

Age: 56

Description: Medium build, soft hands (and body). Brown graying hair and blue eyes.

Position: Head of the independent faction of the Senate.

Politics: Moderate

Personality: Great orator, yet comes off as apathetic to most plebs.


A man of great political power and influence, Paetus has directly influenced the views of Maran philosophy in his life time. At the wise age of 56, he still sprouts words of wisdom to those esteemed member of the Senate, always urging the prudent way.

He grew up in the Maran countryside north of the city, at a family estate of the Tillii family.

He was Consul in the year 5743, establishing a preliminary code of ethics for Maran society (largely unpopular and misunderstood by the Plebs).

Marcus Tillius Paetus

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