An enormous Gabdonian wearing an eye patch. He has a dozen visible scars and carries a bullwhip on his belt.


Name: Atanadessu Berenlanx Ekkupi-Adad (“Lanx”)
Level: Barbarian 6
Hero Points: 3
Fame: 8
Leadership Score: 10
Experience: 19500/23000

SCORE 22 15 21 10 13 12
BONUS +6 +2 +5 +0 +1 +1
  • Armor Class = 20 (+6 Armor, +2 Dex, +2 Natural Armor)
  • Touch = 12
  • Flat-Footed = 18
  • Base Attack Bonus = +6 / +1
  • Hit Points = 83
  • DR = 3/
  • Fort/Ref/Will: 11/4/+3
  • CMB/CMD: +12/23
  • BLUFF +4
  • SWIM +6
  • WEAPON PROFICIENCY: Simple & Martial
  • Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Whip
  • Weapon Focus: Whip
  • Dazzling Display: Whip
  • ARMOR PROFICIENCY: Light, Medium, Shields
  • Intimidating Prowess (Add Strength to Intimidate Checks)
  • Alertness (+2 to Perception and Sense Motive Checks)
  • Vital Strike (double damage on one attack)
  • Darkvision 60ft
  • Movement 50ft/round (+10 Race, +10 Barbarian)
  • Invulnerable Rager: Gain DR 1/2 Barbarian Level (x2 against non-lethal), Extreme Endurance: Heat
  • Trait: Savanna Child (1 Knowledge: Nature), Bully (1 Intimidate), Natural-Born Leader (+1 Will Save for summons, cohorts & followers, +1 Leadership Score)
  • RAGE = 22/day (4 [class] + 5 [CON mod] + 10 [x2 per lvl > 1] + 3 [favored class])
  • RAGE POWERS = Scent, Lesser Beast Totem, Knockdown
BITE 1d6+STR x2 none 0
CLAWS 1d6+STR x2 while raging used as two primary attacks, gained with Lesser Beast Totem 0
MASTERWORK WHIP 1d3+1+STR 20×2 Masterwork, Non-Lethal Reach, Trip, Disarm, Drag, Reposition 2 lbs.
MINGÁRI (Great Axe) 1d12+1+STR 19-20×3 named “Gae Dêníel” – Joyous Dancer (feminine), Keen, Masterwork, Two-Handed * 12 lbs.
KHOPESH of SPEED 1d8+STR 19-20×2 take extra attack as full round, masterwork, trip
+5 Composite Longbow 1d8+5 x3 20 Regular Arrows, 5 Smoke Arrows
  • Breastplate of Command = AC+6, Check -2, Spell Failure 25%, Weight 30, +2 all CHA-based checks, +2 Leadership
  • Headband of Charmisma = Weight 1, CHA+2
  • Gauntlet of Rust = Weight 2, see pp.514
  • Belt of Physical Might = Weight 1, CON+2, STR+2
  • Fish Hook
  • Clay Jug (Full of Common Wine)
  • Belt Pouch: Whetstone, Flint & Steel
  • Belt Pouch: Tobacco & 2 Parchment Sheets
  • Belt Pouch: Soap
  • Alchemist’s Kindness x2
  • Alchemist’s Fire x4
  • Traveller’s Outfit
  • Grappling Hook
  • 50ft Hemp Rope


  • Light – 173
  • Medium – 346
  • Heavy – 520
  • Lift over Head – 520
  • Lift off Ground – 1040
  • Drag or Push – 2600
  • as = 0
  • sesterce (5cp) = 180
  • denari (2sp) = 5100
  • auroras (1gp) = 0

Lanx was once a caravan gaurd, but was captured and became a slave. He rose to the position of overseer under his last master, and remained there for several years. Once freed, he journeyed to Hattusa, where he won command of a mercenary company which did not survive the war. He has returned to Maran scant months before the beginning of the first session with coin in his pocket, looking for his next chance at glory.

In the land where I was born, I am Atanadessu Berenlanx Ekkupi-Adad, thirdbrood of a thirdbrood, born under a bleeding sun and a crying moon. If you are Gabo, then you know what that means. If you are not, you soon shall.

I grew to maturation in the fields and forest of that place. I grew strong and, in time, began to run with the caravans as they passed carrying spices to the hairless monkeys of Mara. We guided the wagons (which are drug by animals instead of by the lazy beasts that whip them) across the wild seas of grass and through the dark tunnels of trees.

One morning we were attacked by raiders – Marans – and I was subdued before I could get killed. That is where I got this scar. I was taken in muzzle and chains to a market, where I was sold as a slave. I am told that I did not fetch a good price at market, because I did not bark, but watched with patience. Remember this, Gabdonians – watch them and they will fear you. Bark and you become nothing but a beast to them.

My first owner was cruel and to break my spirit (as though he could) I was beaten and whipped – with chains mind you. When my bones would break, he would leave me in a cell with only water and their filthy bread. That is how I came to have this scar. That owner was called Lumino of the Taliumus House.

Lumino sold me to Matrianus Mannius, who owned a lumber yard. There I carried logs and fell many trees. I learned to speak Maran there, as well. This master I pleased because I did not ever bark and would nip the other Gnolls if they did. This master was so pleased, that when he caught me eating one of this herd, he only took my eye. That is how I got this scar.

That master took ill and died, and when his possessions were sold off, I alone was taken to Regina Eagon of the Tullii, who had just married a Senator and needed slaves for her new home. When the household saw that the other slaves feared me, and yet I did not bark but did as I was asked, they made me overseer. I was given a whip and I beat the slaves until they did as I bade. You may think me cruel, or stupid – perhaps I should have shown pity or used the chance to fight for my freedom. I do not believe in Fate, and so I did not believe that I deserved Freedom. Slavery was simply my lot. If I wanted Freedom, I had only to take it. But here was a meal, there a task and always the safety of the whip.

When the Senator was disgraced, the house fell into disuse. Regina Eagon of the Tullii granted my freedom. When she told me, she was shaking like an injured pup and crying. She screamed a little when she handed me the papers. That has remained with me – that even in giving a gift, even in bestowing the blessing of freedom, this creature was still afraid of me.

And so I left and walked into the streets of Mara as a free resident for the first time in my life. I had given many seasons to slavery, but emerged no worse off than when I was taken. I can still run, still hunt. As long as I have that, no affliction matters.

All this time an anger has been building in me – I have shamed my line by being taking prisoner. My masters shamed me by needlessly beating and starving me. There is much work to do, to undo this shame by winning honors – but I have no regret. The challenge is given and I accept.

I have waited for years to let this rage out of me. So much time spent caged, that I now feel more free and powerful than I ever did before. I will make my way in the world by my own strength and then I will die with glory crowned about me. You think me a fool – I can smell your distaste with my station. But, I say to you this: Look upon the wasteland that is this world of death and ask yourself if you are worthy of such suffering.


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