Gracchus the Confessor

Ruthless demagogue of Martus; Confessor of Legio III


Level 2 Cleric Human Male Age: 37 Height: 6’ Weight: 180lbs Hair: Bald Eyes: Steel Blue

STR: 14 MOD: +2 DEX: 12 MOD: +1 CON: 14 MOD: +2 INT: 13 MOD: +1 WIS: 18 MOD: +4 CHA: 17 MOD: +3

HP: 19 AC: 19 Base Speed: 30ft Initiative: +1 Fortitude: 5 Reflex: 1 Will: 7 CMB: +3 CMD: 14

Skills: Appraise: +1 Diplomacy: +6 Heal: +8 Intimidate: +9 Knowledge, History: +5 Knowledge, Nobility: +5 Knowledge, Planes: +5 Knowledge, Religion: +5 Linguistics: +5 Sense Motive: +8 Spellcraft: +5

Languages Known: Ceran, Celestial, Elven

Feats: Citizenship Close Rank Fighting Intimidating Prowess Turn Undead Persuasive

Special Abilities: Proficient in Simple Weapons, Short Sword Proficient in Light and Medium Armor Aura Channel Energy 1D6 Damage 6X a day Battle Rage 7X a day


Born in the ashes of the Great War, Gracchus was orphaned at a young age and turned over to the Schola Progenium in service to the Republic. It was discovered he had a gift for speech and a fervent zeal to the Republic seemingly granted by Martus Himself. Raised among the battle brothers of the Ordo Cruentus Mucro, Gracchus proved himself a devoted instrument of Martus’s will. With a bloodied gladius in one hand, and the Truth of Martus in the other, there is no one that escapes Gracchus’s scrutiny.

Gracchus the Confessor

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