Adventure One

A Cult Torn Asunder

ANNO MARII 5753, 4th day since the Ides of Martius

Summary of the Game: The gabo known as Lanx has a dream about half of a dragon emblem. He dies in the dream and awakes to his life of serving Patrician Martamian, who meets with his friend Macula about a missing senator. They gather up Akarius and Ultor from the town nearby his estate, and they head to Mara to investigate. Senator Albus, it is revealed, is a progressive and plotting to create a riot of orcs from the Temple of Mancius outside the servian wall. The players bag him and bring him in. He his brought on trial for his crimes, and Martamian receives praise for his actions. The senate in effect declares war on Crassus and Falto, the two Consuls of Mara. The players also return after the game and loot the Temple for items, and by request of a Magi named Sarium retrieve a vile of liquid from the temple base. They celebrate. Martamian also finds a book about a quest one wise man made to retrieve an artifact and validate a legend. More on that to come…

Quality of Opposition: Lanx: 2 Trog high warriors in the dream, but otherwise the majority of opposition was thugs and peasants. No encounters with others from the “Warrior Caste”. Their reputation, however, may start to proceed them.



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